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Japanese Taxis

Japanese taxis are a convenient way to get around particularly in urban areas and to/from hotels and train stations when you want to get there quickly or you would prefer not to walk. Taxis in Japan can be an expensive alternative to the efficient train network. Taxis are generally easy to find and are located at major stations, shopping areas and in the evening can be very handy to get around after a dinner and drinks when public transportation start to close after midnight or reduce in frequency.

In urban areas and the country taxis serve as a convenient for of transport instead of waiting for an infrequent bus or train service. Taxi fares start from 730 yen for the first 2km and then increase by 90 yen for every 280m travelled (prices may vary depending on the company or region).

Late evening services generally charge an additional 20-25%. There is no need to tip a taxi driver as it is included in the fare.

Japanese taxis are very clean and tidy and the rear left hand door is operated by the taxi driver, so simply let him know you are there and they will open the door to let you in and out. It's polite not to try and open the door yourself. Most taxis accommodate up to 4 passengers and it is recommended that you provide the cab driver with precise destination details such as your hotel address or your destination on a map/brochure.

If you are hailing a cab it’s important to know whether the cab is vacant or occupied a sign on the dashboard on the left hand lower corner of the windshield indicates whether a taxi is vacant or not. (see below)



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